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Why MiraTEC Trim?

For many home builders, remodelers and dealers, MiraTEC Treated Exterior Composite Trim has exceeded expectations in a number of residential and commercial applications. Here’s what a few of them have to say:


According to Steve Kothman, general manager, Hanson Builders, Inc., a custom home and townhome builder in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, “We use MiraTEC on all exterior trim applications for one simple reason – performance. It resists swelling and moisture better than any other exterior trim product we’ve used, and it holds paint very well. There are more expensive products than MiraTEC, particularly composites, which really do not offer more benefits; they just add costs.You can’t beat the value of MiraTEC for the performance it delivers. Plus, we have not had any warranty issues with MiraTEC at all.”



Vince Flores of Cal-Louis Construction in Costa Mesa, Calif., has turned to MiraTEC for several custom homes on Balboa Island, an area of Newport Beach, California that comprises three islands and represents one of the most expensive real estate markets in North America. Flores says, “MiraTEC Trim allows me to deliver a finished product that will withstand our constantly changing wet to dry weather conditions. Exterior trim we installed on homes on Balboa Island two to three years ago looks like it was just finished last week. As builders, MiraTEC gives us peace of mind knowing that we are using the best material we can for our clients.”



Mike McGuire of Kellett Lumber, a MiraTEC dealer near New Orleans, La., sells MiraTEC Trim regularly to home builders for a variety of applications, including fascia, columns and skirt columns. “Our customers like using MiraTEC because it offers a cost-effective solution that has the durability of wood and looks a lot like it, too,” says McGuire. “For instance, MiraTEC Trim withstood the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. It had been installed on a home as baseboard trim for a porch that was raised more than four feet above the ground. Even with the raised porch, the trim was submersed in at least two feet of flood water for over two weeks of time and experienced limited damage. This durability isn’t always expected, but it says something about the quality of the product.” (Note: MiraTEC Trim is not warranted against damage related to Acts of God, such as flooding.)


Michael Dorrance of D. Dorrance & Son Custom Homes specifies MiraTEC for all custom, spec and exterior remodeling projects he handles for the Elgin, Ill.-based home builder. “MiraTEC Trim looks authentic and is flexible to work with because it machines easily. We have used fiber cement board in the past, but found that MiraTEC cuts and nails easier. Plus, it holds the paint, so we can apply any color we want. Since it comes in 16-foot lengths, and because of its nominal one-inch thickness, we don’t have to build out our corners anymore.” 

The home 12,200-square-foot home showcases the industry’s most innovative products, including MiraTEC and Extira supplied by CMI. MiraTEC was used for all exterior trim, and 40+ panels of Extira were installed as soffit panels and exterior beadboard. In total, the luxury home boasts more than three miles of trim! 

Home builder Roland Krantz, vice president, James M. Krantz Construction Corporation said, “We chose MiraTEC with the woodgrain texture because it offers a beautiful complement to the home’s cottage shake style. It was extremely helpful that all the trim boards were factory primed and that MiraTEC cuts very well, especially compared to cement fiber boards that are typically harder to cut. We also really liked working with the 8-foot Extira panels on the soffits. Both products worked great on this home.” 

Krantz added that both MiraTEC and Extira are ideal products for coastal environments like Florida, because they offer excellent resistance to moisture, rot and termites. “They are long-lasting, low maintenance products that provide the protection we need in the Southeast U.S.”


According to Dick Collier of R.E. Collier, Inc., a builder in Richmond, Va., MiraTEC Trim is used for a variety of projects, including residential town homes and low-rise multifamily buildings, and has found it to be an excellent complement to fiber cement siding applications. “Prior to MiraTEC, we primarily used wood products, including cedar and pine, but we’ve found that MiraTEC is better than wood, as well as most synthetic trim products. MiraTEC is easy to install and paints well. Plus, we really like how it holds up in our weather and that it offers termite resistance.

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